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Bowling at Cedar Lanes, Weed, CA

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We may not have enough snow for skiing this winter, but that does not mean we can't have some fun. Come join us in Weed, CA at Cedar Lanes Bowling Alley for an afternoon of bowling.

We will pay for two games and pizza and soda. Event starts at noon and continues till 3:00 or until you are done with your games. We will have volunteers on hand to help out as needed.

Date and Time: Sunday, February 9th, 2014; Noon - 3 p.m.

Call us for more information and to make reservations. 530-925-1531.

To Ski or Not to Ski

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Ski Park in 2003. What we hope it will look like soon.

So far we have had a snowless winter making our schedule of events difficult to hold. But we decided to publish a winter newsletter anyway.

In this issue:

  • Holiday Fundraising Update
  • Winter Schedule
  • The Ski Buddy Program
  • Gold Sponsorships
  • Becoming a Member

Download Newsletter

Summer 2013 Newsletter

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In this issue:

- Winter Wrapup
- Thank You to Our Sponsors
- Welcome Jill Thomas
- Summer Schedule
- A Letter From Our President


A Letter From Our President

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One of the many wonderful things about Shasta Disabled Sports (SDS) is how much we accomplish each year with very little funding. That is mostly due to the dedicated hours of volunteer time that Board members and other volunteers contribute to every event we host. We can especially thank members like Robin, Aaron, and Donna for that. They answer phones, check email, manage our website, and keep in touch with all of our friends and supporters that join us at our events. Few are aware that despite all of this work, SDS has no paid staff. We also don’t have an office and all of the expenses that would come with that.

However, one major expense that we do have is our insurance. Given the nature of the activities we offer, such as skiing, rafting, and rock climbing, insurance is a necessary expense, even though our safety record is exemplary. This year our insurance will cost $5200.00.

Because of this large annual expense, over the years the Board of Directors has considered the need to charge various fees for our activities. Each time this option is discussed, we keep concluding that event fees will discourage participation by many people in the community, which would defeat the purpose of offering our events in the first place. We have always felt strongly about including everyone in our events no matter what; that’s what we’re all about! So, we periodically need to appeal to the members of Shasta Disabled Sports and the community, as I’m doing now, to help us with those costs that make our services possible.

Our primary source of income for insurance is our membership donations. Please consider renewing your membership with a gift of $25, or join us if you aren’t already a member of Shasta Disabled Sports. Membership dues help pay our insurance costs, and we cannot operate if we can’t cover that expense. And, if you can, consider making a more substantial donation (such as through our Gold Sponsorship program) to help us cover costs and keep our programs going strong.

Thank you. With your contributions and the many hours that our volunteers put in, we can continue to offer inspiring recreational activities for people in the area who would not otherwise have those opportunities.

Merle Anderson, President
Shasta Disabled Sports USA

2013 Summer Schedule

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Shasta Disabled Sports' summer schedule has been set. Come join us for rafting, camping, and other fun outside. See you this summer!

2012 Winter Newsletter

2012 Winter Newsletter is available for download. In this issue:

- Summer Wrapup
- Ski Buddy Program
- Spring Fundraiser
- Winter Schedule


Looking Back on Our Summer Season

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Pirate Didier

Last weekend was a great and memorable weekend camping at Kangaroo Lake. That was our last event of the summer. Check out some of our photos from the summer:

Summer Photos

2012 Stay Able Trip

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Yin Yang RapidYin Yang Rapid

Shasta Disabled Sports held its annual Stay-Able Raft Trip last weekend.

Unfortunately, because of rain and cool weather we shortened the trip to one day.

However, Sunday turned out to be a nice sunny day and we all had a great time enjoying white water on the Klamath River.

Click here to view all photos from the trip.

Summer 2012 Newsletter

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Shasta Disabled Sports' summer 2012 newsletter is now available for download. In this issue:

- Winter Wrapup
- Fundraising Update
- Summer Schedule



Fun at the Free Adaptive Weekend

Shasta Disabled Sports held its 7th Annual Free Adaptive Weekend last weekend. We provided snowboard and ski lessons as well as sit-ski rides in the bi-ski. All equipment, lift tickets, and lessons were given without any cost to our members. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for helping out.

We'd like to especially thank the Mount Shasta Ski Park, Yaqui Snowboards, and the Best Western Tree House for helping us raise money for our program.

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